1 MONTHI started reading books about disability when my son Finnian was born in the summer of 2008 and we learned that he had Down syndrome.  Disability had never really touched my life before that, and suddenly I was plunged into a whole new world (or so it felt, anyway).  Having always been an avid reader, I sought answers and solace in books.  I started out reading just about Down syndrome, mostly memoirs; I wanted to know what it was like for other parents.  I wanted to get a handle on what to expect (but I learned for DSC_0607myself over time that parenting a child with Down syndrome, like parenting any other child, is unpredictable, and everyone’s path is unique).  Over time, my interest in disability expanded, and I began reading books about other types of disabilities, and genres other than memoirs.

Six years after Finn’s birth, I’m more interested than ever in reading books pertaining to disability in all its vast variety, across genres.  I think that memoirs give a voice to people who need to tell their stories, and fiction accurately reflects attitudes and perceptions concerning disability – and certainly not all of those attitudes and perception are positive.

I would love for you to read along with me.  I would love for this to be a place where we can come together to talk about disability.  So put on your comfy slippers and pull up a chair, and let’s get to it.

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